Poaching in Nalsarovar, Ahmedabad.

Poaching in Nalsarovar, Ahmedabad.


Nalsarovar is a Bird Sanctuary since 1969, consisting of a 120.82-sq-km lake and ambient marshes with shallow waters (4-5 ft). Dotted by 36 small islands, Nalsarovar is about 60 km from Ahmedabad near Sanand Village, in Gujarat. Mainly inhabited by migratory birds as their wintering ground, Nalsarovar wetland is one of the largest bird sanctuaries in India. Nalsarovar is a Ramsar site since 24 September 2012. More than 200 types of birds mainly waterfowl inhabit this lake and come from as far as Siberia.lala


Poaching in Nalsarovar, Ahmedabad and illegal fishing is the naked. Poachers lay nets to trap exotic birds of Nalsarovar National Park. It is a sad fact that locals of at-least 15 surrounding villages is been said to be involved in illegal fishing and poaching activities. They also happen to be expert rowers. Nalsarovar Forest department is not able to chase them because of it.


Spread over 120 sq km, the marshland of Nalsarovar is very difficult to patrol. Patrolling is more difficult by the fact that the forest department lacks work force. Nalsarovar sanctuary consists of only seven to eight foresters and guards combined. Locals take advantage of this staff scarcity to poach birds and sell them to black market. Every morning, forest guards have to search and remove nets laid by poachers. Poaching in Nalsarovar, Ahmedabad is growing day by day.


Ideally, for every 10 sq km there should be one person to guard the lake. Nalsarovar’s guard count should be of eight guards, six foresters and two rangers but these posts remain unfilled since long. Moreover, there are some watchtowers but the guards lacks the basic equipment such as binoculars. Nalsarovar Forest department also lack adequate boats and are not the expert enough rovers to chase the poachers.



The grass inside the Nalsarovar Lake is more than 10 feet high. And it is easy for a person to hide behind it and go undetected. One of the solutions is to trim the grass. Trimming the grass is so effective that this alone can make life difficult for the poachers.

Nalsarovar forest department can only take care of the few things. It is time the government does something for the people who live in and around Nalsarovar sanctuary. Blame is on Padhar community that lives in villages around the sanctuary and Nalsarovar city for Poaching in Nalsarovar, Ahmedabad. It is also a fact that from centuries they have killed the birds for food and business. It is difficult for them to leave their way-of-life and stop without the government providing them with parallel lifestyle.


Nalsarovar Forest department had plans to grade the boatmen based on their education and the quality of service they provide. For example, one grade of boatmen, would only offer exclusive services to big groups like schools. But the authorities did nothing after a single guide-training program. Most of the guides are poor but educated and unemployed, providing them with a job opportunity would have ensured that they do not indulge in poaching activities.

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