Kent Procon Kalp Greens – Plots in Nalsarovar

Kent Procon Kalp Greens – Plots in Nalsarovar is developed by kent procon pvt ltd, situated on Sanand – Nalsarovar Road. Within a last couple of years, the Sanand – Nalsarovar road has witnessed great development in terms of tourism and real estate. Many projects are being constructed.

The peripheral circular growth and expansion of Ahmedabad is also a great winning factor. With areas that were considered ‘far’ and ‘out-of-bounds’ are now prime locations.

Kalp Green offers plots ranging from 300 sq.yards to 900 sq.yards fitting everybody’s budget and a for weekend home near Ahmedabad or farmhouse near Ahmedabad. & with development as fast as this, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to anybody if the entire Sanand Nalsarovar patch sees a great economic boom in the very near future!

Kalp Greens is located right on the Sanand-Nalsarovar road. It is just 27 km away from Gujarat’s largest natural migratory bird sanctuary. Nalsarovar!. Who doesn’t want a holiday homes near Nalsarovar.


Kent Procon Kalp Greens – Plots in Nalsarovar
By Kent Procon Private Limited in Sanand – Nalsarovar Road
Contact: +91-9824325007, +91-9925048496
Distance from Nalsarovar: 27km



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