Issues troubling birds and tourists at Nalsarovar

Nalsarovar near Ahmedabad is a lake and a Bird Sanctuary situated about 60 km from Ahmedabad near Sanand Village. Road connectivity is very good from Ahmedabad to Nalsarovar. It is famous for its migratory birds and thus a bird watcher’s delight. However, there are some Issues troubling birds and tourists at Nalsarovar


Issues troubling birds and tourists at Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary.

Bad Management:

Tourist and visitor complain about the bad management at Nal Sarovar Lake the only Ramsar site in Gujarat. Nalsarovar entry fees include the ride to boating point but the vehicles used to transport people are in bad shape. Tourists from outside Gujarat also complain of ill-mannered Guajarati staffs that are rude and not at all welcoming. Boards with all information are in Guajarati is another issue. It creates many problems for rest of the Indian and international tourists at Nalsarovar the Ramsar site.


Boatmen Menace:

The govt operated boat rides include Journey from start point to Dhabral Island and return. However, as soon as you board the boat the boatmen tries to convince you that you will not see more birds in this route and to see more birds they have to pay more money. “Boatmen doesn’t takes you to the birds, he takes you away” complains Mr. Dipak a tourist from Ahmedabad. Nalsarovar forest department or guards do not give any attention to this menace and it is very frustrating for tourists.


Poachers & Illegal fishing:

Poachers lay nets to trap exotic birds of Nalsarovar, Gujarat. It is a sad fact that locals of at least 15 surrounding villages are involved in illegal fishing and poaching. Nalsarovar is guarded by only seven to eight foresters and guards. Locals take advantage of this staff scarcity to poach birds and sell them to black market. Every morning, the main work of forest guards is searching and removing nets laid by poachers. Fishing and poaching by local community has also played a major role in scaring birds away from Nalsarovar sanctuary.


Rising Water Level:

There have been a decline in count of birds because of the diversion of excess Narmada waters to Nalsarovar lake. Excess Narmada water in Nalsarovar Lake has altered water quality of the marshland. In addition, has caused high levels of water in Nalsarovar. It is a turnoff for migratory birds. Especially birds like greater and lesser flamingos that thrive in shallow water bodies, which Nalsarovar used to be.

We request the govt of Gujarat to address these issues wisely to save the winter ground of thousands of migratory birds and save the Nalsarovar from further damage.

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