Hamid Kasam Bhai – A Guide for Nal sarovar lake & Nal sarovar bird sanctuary.

Hamid Kasam Bhai – A Guide for Nal sarovar lake

Hamid Kasam Bhai is resident of Nalsarovar village. He is a professional guide for Nal sarvoar lake tourists. He has depth knowledge of birds that are traveling to Nal sarovar in winter season along with the history that Nal sarovar bird sanctuary is carrying with. You can hire Hamid Kasam Bhai – A Guide for Nal sarovar lake for his guide service at Nalsarovar lake. He can be contacted on 8511391897.

Its advisable to book his service well in advance by contacting him on phone and letting him know your arrival date and plan at Nal sarovar lake. Its always preferable to select a good guide well in advance rather than on spot decision. Knowing any place with the help of guide is good way to enjoy any place especially bird sanctuaries.

We hope your search of guide in nalsarovar lake ends here. Explore more than 30 options and choose best guide for nalsarovar for your pleasent trip.

You can post your experience with Hamid Kasam Bhai here below in comment section. This will help others to know more about Hamid Kasam Bhai at nalsarovar lake.

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