Flock Homes – Farm House near Nalsarovar

Like many other holiday homes near Nalsarovar around Nalsarovar Lake, Flock Homes – Farm House near Nalsarovar by Three Feathers Realty is a project that takes a weekend or leisure second home as a ‘Farm House’ rather seriously. It is a good option for weekend home near Ahmedabad or farmhouse near Ahmedabad

Focusing on relaxation, rejuvenation and getting close-to-the-earth through actual organic farming and animal rearing, Flock Homes expects to deliver a unique living experience.

A meditation pyramid, satvik food on the menu, a detox spa and participatory farming and rearing/playing with animals such as cattle or other domestic animals, makes for living at Flock Homes a physical, emotional and spiritual uplifting experience.
Flock Homes is situated approx 17 km away from Nalsarovar on sanand-nalsarovar road. Best for holiday home, Flock Homes can be a good choice for you.


Flock Homes – Farm House near Nalsarovar

Sanand Nalsarovar Road
Contact: 9825009552
Website: www.threefeathersrealty.com/
Distance from Nalsarovar: 16.8km


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